Punggol Waterway – what to expect

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Located in North Eastern Singapore, Punggol waterway is an invigorating estate that seeks to transform the housing sector in the country by introducing lifestyle living. In previous years, Punggol was largely a rural town whose main activity was farming and selling of farm produce. This is a distinct difference with today’s Punggol as highrise apartments have replaced the farms. Punggol WATERWAY consists of two main districts, namely Punggol Waterway East and Punggol Waterway West.

Eco-friendly estate

One of the things that sets apart Punggol Waterway Estate from other estates in the country is the concept of ‘Green Living’. This green renovation makes Punggol the first eco-friendly estate in all of Singapore. Green Living encompasses a number of features as discussed below:
– As far as this lifestyle is concerned, the estate is set to be built so that all the natural elements are tapped in a bid to make the estate sustainable. This means that the buildings are designed so that it is possible to tap the energy of the sun, wind and the rain.

punggol waterway bridge
– The use of the latest technology in the management of water, waste and energy makes this eco-friendly estate a first of many concepts. It remains the hope of many that this model of green living will be used in other housing projects by the Housing and Development Board (HDB, Singapore).
– It is not enough to simply design buildings that are eco-friendly. Citizens must also be proactive as far as this lifestyle is concerned. As a result, residents of Waterway in Punggol are set to engage in maintaining this Green Space. This is achieved with the use of transport options that do not pollute the environment. With the provision of cycling paths and charging ports at select stations, this is one of the ways residents can actively promote Green Living at an individual capacity. Car-pooling is also encouraged within the estate.

The Waterway

The introduction of the waterway in Punggol has changed concept of green-living for years to come. This is a man-made river that flows for 4.2 kilometers, and is actually the longest of its kind in Singapore. The Waterway is located on the East-West corridor of Punggol and merges with Sungei Punggol and Sungei Serangoon to create a large water body. What makes Punggol Waterway remarkably outstanding is the harmonious blend of facilities and amenities held together by the lush green landscape. Some of the notable features include:
– The Sunrise bridge which offers panoramic views of Punggol.
– Open landscape design that makes it possible for residents to keep fit. There are fitness corners spread across the waterway as well as the incorporation of play areas for the kids, truly a dream for the ideal family.
– There are also secluded areas of rest for residents and visitors who so desire an intimate setting away from the hustle and bustle of city life.
– Punggol Waterway also boasts of a commercial center to meet the various needs that residents have.

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Punggol Waterway Park

The key attraction of this park has got to be the water play section where numerous water features make for an exhilarating adventure for the whole family. The sand play section also serves as a perfect getaway, an idyllic way to while an afternoon away. Washroom facilities make the park accessible and a delight to spend time in. For all it is worth, Punggol Waterway presents a new way of living.


What I Love About Bishan – The Heart of Singapore


An estimated 74,000 residents live in Singapore – Bishan estate. The Bishan estate is located in Central part of Singapore, and covers an area of 7 sq KM. You are certainly wondering why Bishan is the most popular estate in Singapore, and not other estates that you know. It is simply because of its prime central location and easy accessibility to the rest of the country that has caught the eye of many, including property buyers. There were initial fears that the settlement would face deprived tenancy due to ominous reasons. On the contrary, that did not stop the town from booming with residents. The accessible locality of the town was an unquestionable magnetism.

There are different units ranging from two bed-roomed units to five bedroom entities. It has an assortment of services that are situated close by and cater to all the residents. Which include-

- Playgrounds for children

- Coffee shops inside the estate

- Shopping malls for supply of commodities

- Parks for recreational purposes

- Movie theatres for entertainment.

- Marketplaces

- Reputable clinics, pharmacies and hospitals

- Educational amenities.

Here, is pretty much a one-stop shop! The availability of all these resources has led to great productivity in the economy of Singapore. Feel free to contact us for any queries or services you may need.

Residents here have an added advantage by being dwellers of the place. They get pleasure from a suite of frivolous amenities, including a 50 meter lap pool, relaxation pools, children’s play areas, swimming pool, a tennis court, karaoke rooms,utility rooms and a fitness center.

The good condition of the flats and accessibility to essential services makes it a little pricey to dwell in.

Nonetheless, Bishan has been a microcosm to Singapore ever since time immemorial. It has constantly been undergoing modernization from time to time. It even looks newer than it is 20years old. The flats are constantly upgraded; the playgrounds and courts as well, the clinical centers always look brand new.

There are a suite of recreational facilities, including a 50 meter lap pool,children’s pool, leisure pools, play areas,function rooms,barbeque pits, a tennis court, a gymnasium and karaoke rooms.


As earlier mentioned, Singapore- Bishan estate can easily access to every other area in Singapore. This has been boosted mostly by the immense transportation connectivity. Road and railway transportation are the main means used by residents of this area. There are many transit stations in the estate. Namely, Bishan, Bradell, Ang Mo Kio and Toa Payoh. You can imagine how transportation must be thoroughly busy with that much population.

In addition, it has been joined to various places of the island through the Mass Rapid Transit System. The Bishan MRT station is located on the North-South Line which will soon, in the near future serve as an interchange station for the circle line.